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7 Great Places to visit from Milan

Whether you’re amazed by fashion, visiting on business or just enjoy the Italian culture, Milan is a fantastic place for any kinds of getaways. You will amaze that the city is the home to world-class museums, breathtakingly many beautiful churches and vibrant central plazas. For those who are interested in the modern culture, there is no end to magnificent eateries serving up Milanese specialties, and the nightlife is some of the best in all of Italy. As your base in Northern Italy, you will be in a great position to set off on day trips from Milan to every of the following destinations.

1.    Turin

Heading east of Milan for two hours, and you’ll wind up in the city of Turin, in the region of Piedmont. Home to the Italian royal family, Turin is probably not as famous as many other Italian cities but the place is quite pleasant with the Italian Alps visible in the distance. You may visit the former royal residence called the Palazzo Madama, and tour to the opulent rooms which is filled with Baroque furniture, gold details and lush tapestries. Dine at one of the upscale eateries that is located in the Piazza Carignano, and then go to the many bars and lounges located next to the banks of the River Po. If you want to buy some souvenir, but unable to afford the upscale boutique prices, you can swing by the Porta Palazzo street market instead.

2.    Pavia

In less than an hour, you can go travel to Pavia, as an ideal day trip from Milan. Once you’re arriving in Pavia, you’ll be able to see many beautiful things, soaking in the medieval and architecture from the renaissance era as well as the amazing outdoor markets. A highlight of any visit to Pavia is by walking across the Ponte Coperto, a stunning bridge that provides you many great views, and equally great photos of the city. Then, make your trip to the historic landmarks like the Basilica San Michele Maggiore, the Duomo Di Pavia also to the Basilica di San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro, three magnificent important religious structures in the heart of the city. Right outside the city of Pavia, you may want to check out the Certosa di Pavia, the 14th century abbey that also serves as one of the most historic buildings from the Italian Renaissance.

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3.    Lake Maggiore

At the northwest of Milan there is the Lake Maggiore, a body of water that also become the longest of the Italian lakes. This is one of the most relaxing, scenic and amazing spots in the region, and the size of the lake indicates there is no shortage of coastal paths, restaurants overlooking the water or fantastic views to choose from. Hop on a ferry that traverses the lake for a unique point of view on the landscape, or admire the beautiful gardens of the Villa Taranto. If possible, spend some time in a lot of weekly markets of Lake Maggiore, where you can buy some souvenirs as well as tasty fresh produce and homemade culinary delights.

4.    Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre means to Five Lands, and it is created by five smaller coastal villages on the Ligurian Sea. If you want to visit stunning scenery and hike on gorgeous trails overlooking the water, then there is no better day trip from Milan. The paths are often steep, however the rewards are the often-secluded beaches, the traditional fishing villages and the fantastic restaurants waiting for you in the towns of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. Indulge post-hike with a relaxing swim in the sea or a meal of baked mussels in fresh herbs.

5.    Genoa

At the south side of Milan for about two hours and you’ll meet Genoa, a port city with the full of history and a wonderful historic center. Never miss world-renowned museums just like the Museum of Fine Arts at the White Palace, the historical picture gallery housed in the Palazzo Reale, the Museum located at the Prince’s Palace or the Ligurian Archeological Museum. You may also see the former home of famed explorer Christopher Columbus, also you will not want to miss a stroll along the Corso Italia, or the main pedestrian promenade from Genoa. Foodies will lure to try local foods popular in the region, such as pesto, which is originated in Genoa, or focaccia, a bread that can be given a flavor simply with olive oil combined with salt or as a full meal with ham, cheese and sliced tomatoes.

6.    Bergamo

Only 90 km (55 miles) at north of Milan is Bergamo, a smaller city that rests at the foothills of the Alps. As such, Bergamo is a wonderful town, as well as a great spot for an  architecture lovers. Bergamo is actually two distinct cities: the Città Alta, or upper city, is encircled by the walls from the 16th century, and the Città Bassa, or lower city, is decidedly the modern one. Most visitors will spend time in the Città Alta, home to the Piazza Vecchia, or the center of the city where architecture dates back to the medieval and renaissance periods. For the perfect views of the city without a hike, ride the funicular up to the Città Alta, where you’ll be treated to mountain view and unparalleled vistas.

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7. Lake Como

Filles with mountain views, crisp air and blue waters, it is easy to see why Lake Como is the epitome of Italian wonderful beauty. Thousands visitors across the world coming to the lake como, as a playground for celebrities And tycoons fans. The lake is a major attraction, where many people spending their days by sipping cocktails or tanning on yachts moored in the water. You also can spend your day trip in Lake Como by touring Villa Carlotta, hiking to the trails along the banks of the lake, and riding the hillside trolley for wonderful gorgeous views over the water or tasting gelato in the city of Como.

Lake Como


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