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5 Places to visit From Portland, Oregon, USA

As the largest city in the state Oregon, Portland is the vibrant city filed with art, music and food and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Actually there are many things to do in Portland, however some of the world’s most incredible natural wonders lie just outside the city limits. See what makes Oregon becomes the greatest state by taking a few day trips from Portland to some of the most beautiful beaches and parks on the east coast.

5. Silver Falls State Park
Oregon is well known because its numerous state parks, and Silver Falls State Park is the single biggest area of protected forestland at the state. The aptly named park features many waterfalls, ten of which can be seen while walking along the majestic Trail of Ten Falls. The most popular waterfall to view along the 7.2-mile moderate hiking loop is South Falls, a 177-foot (54-meter) waterfall that you may walk behind as it plunges into a shallow pool. The South Falls area provides a playground, picnic tables, barbecue stands and even an off-leash area for dogs.

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4.  Oneonta Gorge
Another chance to walk behind a waterfall can be found at Oneonta Gorge. Here, you can hike a 2.7-mile loop that will bring you through a mossy cavern behind Ponytail Falls. The entire hike can only be done with wet feet, and depending on the time of year, your adventure may involve climbing over a logjam and wading through chest-high water. Late summer is the perfect time to take this day trip, since the water will be warmer and shallower. After the popular hiking loop, you may take a side trip to Triple Falls, where three side-by-side waterfalls cascade 120 feet (37 meters).

3.  Astoria
Seated along wonderful Highway 101 at the mouth of the Columbia River, the town of Astoria makes for a perfect day trip from Portland. After enjoying an amazing drive along the Oregon Coast, you’ll arrive at a charming seaport town with a thriving art view and rich history. You can get ride the Astoria Riverfront Trolley daily on a round trip through town and it only takes about an hour. Hop off the trolley at the Columbia River Maritime Museum stop to study about local history and tour a floating lighthouse. For the best scene of Astoria, ascend the spiral staircase up the Astoria Column, the hand-painted 125-foot (38-meter) column which was inspired by the Trajan Column in Rome.

2.  Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach is the crown jewel of the Oregon coastline, with far of sandy beaches and scenic hiking trails. At Ecola State Park, you may walk through old-growth forests and emerge from the trees to find panoramic ocean views. The most fantastic ocean view at Cannon Beach is Haystack Rock, a massive rock formation that shows a shoreline refuge for Tufted Puffins when the spring and summer are coming. You can take the Tillamook Head Trail to follow the exact route that Lewis and Clark took during their historic expedition. More less 18,000 Gray Whales swim through Cannon Beach every year on migrations that can be seen during the spring and winter.

Cannon Beach

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1.    Columbia River Gorge
If you’re seeking a true outdoor playground to spend the day, go to the east from Portland to the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. This area is an expansive canyon of the Columbia River that features plenty of hiking and watersports chances. You can do whitewater rafting, kayaking and kite boarding past waterfalls or feel the beauty of the gorge from a bird’s eye view by taking a zip line tour by entering the forest. The gorge is also a heaven for waterfall lovers as it boasts over 70 within reasonable access to the public.


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