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7 Top Tourist Attractions in Thessaloniki

This 2d largest city in Greece dates back to 315 BC and is the capital of principal Macedonia. Thru numerous thousand years, Thessaloniki has attained a huge series of iconic homes from Byzantine, Paleochristian, Roman, historical Greek, Ottoman, and Sephardic Jewish origins. It's been known as a vibrant middle of fairs and way of life, and has one of the maximum ingenious nightlife scenes in Greece. Every body who visits Thessaloniki with a love of records, archaeology or world religions can be astounded by the various monuments to discover here. Here is a study a number of the top tourist sights in Thessaloniki:

7 Top Tourist Attractions in Thessaloniki

7. Heptapyrgion

although commonly called the castle of the seven towers, the Heptapyrgion is also acknowledged via its Ottoman call Yedi Kule. The fortress is placed on the northeast corner of the town’s acropolis. The northern towers are believed so far back to the fortification of the town within the past due 4th century, even as the southern 5 are believed to had been built in the twelfth century. It served as a army set up till the late nineteenth century then spent 100 years as a prison. These days, the Heptapyrgion is a famous traveller enchantment, in part due to the top notch perspectives over the metropolis and its harbor.

6. Museum of Byzantine way of life

This big, tremendous museum covers thousands of artifacts from Prechristian and Byzantine instances. These include frescoes, mosaics and wall art work, rescued arches from historic buildings, ceramics and textiles. Tons of the museum’s permanent show subject matters consciousness on early Christians, their rituals, ideals, and every day lifestyles. There are several early Christian tombs and graves that have been excavated in Thessaloniki on show right here. The museum offers both guided and unguided excursions for adults, in addition to academic applications geared toward faculty youngsters.

5. Hagia Sophia

This church of holy expertise is one of the oldest continually standing buildings of Thessaloniki. It turned into constructed inside the 8th century in the footprints of a church that become constructed in the 3rd century. The church became created at some point of the Byzantine era based at the design of its extra illustrious namesake in Constantinople. These days, it is one of the fine last examples of the Greek domed churches of the time. Hagia Sophia’s dome bears a notable mosaic of the Ascension, with Christ seated on a rainbow throne occupying the central medallion. Beneath is the Virgin Mary flanked via angels and the Apostles divided by way of trees.

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4. Aristotelous Square

This predominant city rectangular changed into designed in 1918 via French Architect Ernest Hebrard, although tons of today’s rectangular, specially the Electra hotel and the film theater, was recreated inside the Nineteen Fifties. It turned into a pass from the slender, crowded, unplanned streets that came from centuries of Ottoman empire construct-outs to a more contemporary plan, below the steering of Hebrard. The square came to fruition just after a fire in 1917, and marked a first-rate shift inside the archaeological evolution of the city. Nowadays, the square is domestic to many celebrations and public gatherings.

Aristotelous Square

3. Arch of Galerius

The Arch of Galerius (or Kamara) is probably the maximum different Roman structure of Thessaloniki. It is also one of the maximum famous points of interest in Thessaloniki along with the White Tower. The arch was commissioned as a triumphal monument by means of emperor Galerius so that you can have a good time the positive marketing campaign in opposition to the Sassanid Persians in 298 A.D. And the seize of their capital Ctesiphon. In its initial form the Arch had 4 important pillars and four secondary. Nowadays handiest  of the principle pillars and one secondary pillar are nonetheless status. Traffic can nonetheless see the superbly carved conflict sequences at the remaining pillars of the archway.

2. Agios Dimitrios Church

This big and dazzling church was constructed at the site of an ancient Roman bath where legends say that its namesake, St Demetrius, was held prisoner, completed and dropped down a well by using Roman soldiers. It's far a 5 aisled basilica with a unique hexagonal nave referred to as a ciborium. Of specific hobby here is a well-known six-paneled mural that is one Thessaloniki’s finest mosaics, showing St Demetrius with children and the developers of the church. This is not simplest one in all the most important church buildings in the metropolis, it's far considered to be one of the most traditionally and religiously important houses of worship in all of Thessaloniki.

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1. White Tower

This round, whitewashed waterfront tower is the symbol of the metropolis. Like Thessaloniki itself, the tower’s records is pretty storied. Originally, it formed a nook of the city’s Byzantine and Ottoman defenses earlier than maximum of the partitions were demolished overdue in the nineteenth century. During the duration of Ottoman rule, it changed into a prison and the web site of a couple of tortures, and nicknamed the “tower of blood.” As an attempt to atone for this, the building become symbolically whitewashed and renamed the White Tower. It maintains that name today, even though the shade is extra of a buff. Nowadays the indoors of the white tower serves as an intensive museum showing every day existence in one-of-a-kind eras of Thessaloniki. Similarly to some of artifacts, the third story has a replication of a Byzantine era home and its regular furnishings.


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