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Visiting Yogyakarta City in Indonesia? this is where you must stay

Inna Garuda Hotel

Inna Garuda Hotel in Yogyakarta is the right choice to enjoy the atmosphere of Yogyakarta either for business or leisure purpose. Like any other four-star hotel, all the facilities needed here including meeting rooms, bar, and restaurant.

The legendary Inna Garuda Hotel is located at the north end of Malioboro road, which provides a wide range of unique souvenirs and typical crafts of Jogja.

Dining Room

Inna Garuda Hotel

Inna Garuda Hotel has 233 rooms designed with the classic concept combined with an elegant modern style. The foregoing proves that Inna Garuda as a modern four-star hotel does not leave the impression of a typical classical Yogyakarta in its development.

  The Lobby

Inna Garuda Hotel has a long history with the change of the name that occurs up to six times: Grand Hotel De Djokdja, Asahi Hotel, Merdeka Hotel, Garuda Hotel, Natour Garuda, and now Inna Garuda.
1908 - 1942: Grand Hotel De Djokdja or "Yogyakarta Hotel"
Built by the Dutch government, the hotel is in operation in 1911 and only accommodate for the Dutch army.

1942 - 1945: Asahi Hotel
In 1942, Japan changed the name of the hotel into the Asahi Hotel.

Car & Taxi Shuttle

1945 - 1950: Merdeka Hotel
After the independence of Indonesia, Asahi hotel was taken over by the people and renamed Merdeka Hotel.

1950 - 1982: Garuda Hotel
Indonesian government changed the name of Merdeka Hotel into  Garuda Hotel in 1950 and in 1975 the government entrusted to PT. Natour to run it.

1982 - 2001: Natour Garuda Hotel
In 1982, PT. Natour renovated and developed it into a three-star hotel. In 1987 Natour Garuda Hotel was officially declared by the government through the Ministry of Tourism, Post and Telecommunication as a three-star hotel.

Inna Garuda Hotel

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2001 - Present: Inna Garuda
In March 2001, PT. Natour joined with PT. Hotel Indonesia; name was changed into Inna Garuda Hotel.

- To avoid congestion, the option to walk or ride a horse cart is the best alternative to enjoy the exotic city of Yogyakarta along Malioboro road.
- Rates are inclusive 21% tax and services and daily breakfast unless stated RO (Room Only).
- Rates are subject to change at any time with or without notice.

One of the rooms

222 rooms: superior, deluxe, junior, executive
15 meeting rooms capacity of 25-350 people
Hall Baquet Style 350 persons
2 swimming pools
Puppet show and Gamelan

Gamelan Welcoming Show

          Further information:
          Contact Inna Garuda Hotel

          Malioboro Road No. 60 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
          Phone: (+620274) 566353, 566322
          Fax: (+620274) 563074
          Official Website:


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