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10 top travel destinations in Bali, Indonesia

Most people say that Bali is an overrated Travel Destinations, not too worth and too touristy to visit. I presume it all depend on a matter of finding or locating the best destination to enjoy yourself at Bali.

Whilst some Travel Destinations in Bali have suffered from increased commercialism in the recent years, there are still more places to be visited in Bali, as they appear untouched by era. Bali is known to be the island of gods, a distinctive form of Hinduism rules the unique bail’s culture, and it is evident in all other aspect of Balinese life. It starts from the place of worship that ornament every corner of the islands to the daily offering found in every household.

Whether discovering the distinctive cultures of the Balinese community, scuba diving in the reefs, climbing ancient volcanoes or sunbathing on stretches of beaches, Bali has a bit of paradise life to offer one of the best Travel Destinations.

Bali deserves the attention as a traveling destination; here is a list of the 10 top travel destinations in Bali.

10 top travel destinations in Bali, Indonesia


It is perched among the terraces of rice field that ascend the foothills of central mountains at Bali. Ubud is also considered as the central heart of the Bali island. Ubud is a residence to the most important museums in the island, comprising the Nek art museum, which has extensive collection of Balinese painting. There are music and dancing performances in every day of the week throughout the town as well as frequent craft shops and art galleries to be explored. Ubud has been valued among great places to learn Balinese culture and tourism. Ubud is bordered by smoothly rolling rice paddies that helps in creating good-looking impression of greenness.


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Positioned on the southwestern side of the coast; seminyak is a small city that has been covered by the city of kuta. Despite its closeness to Kuta, seminyak is an island with exclusive travel destination in Bali. From its five star restaurants and high-end boutiques to its magnificent spas and hotels, the town attracts well-paid travelers from all over the world. Even though the surf is too deceitful for most swimmers, the beach offers travelers great panoramic analysis of the Indian Ocean and for the professional surfers who gather to this area to surf in the big waves.



This is the most popular travel destination in Bali. Kuta Beach is a tourist spot, its famous is due to its location close to the airport, wonderful beaches, cheap cost, and suitable waves for novice surfers. Kuta Beach is also famous with beautiful sunset panoramic view. Unique facts of Kuta Beach is that before becoming popular travel destination nowadays, Kuta Beach was a major port as well as trading center in Bali. With the white sand and blue sea, it is equipped with a complete supporting facilities, Kuta Beach is a major travel destination in Bali.



Mount Batur lies in highlands found in Far East of Bali, it has a caldera in kintamani. Climbing to the peak (1700 m) of the active volcano is an immense experience for any travelers. Many people would do this as sunrise hike for a vital experience, beginning from as early as 5 am to 7 am sunrise. This climb is moderately easy and the walks are quite noticeable. From the climax of the mountain, you can views all direction of the Great Island.



It is the largest Travel Destinations on the northern part of Bali. Lovina is best visited due to its black volcanic sand located 5-mile of its beach. Surrounded by several villages, the vicinity is a most popular place for scuba diving and snorkeling adventures since the northern waters are calmer than the rest. Local skippers manage the traditional outrigger known as Perahu stand prepared to take tourist to the best areas of diving. The calm sea is also a perfect suit for dolphin watching and swimming too, making the place ideal travel destination for people.



Nusa lebongan as part of Bali territory is one of the small islands located off in the southeastern seashore of Bali’s mainland. It is so small that guests travel around the entire island on foot in two to four hours. Nusa Lembongan is an admired day-trip destination. Its beaches create a center of attention to most visitors worldwide. It came about after a flourish of a mushroom-shaped coral shore, mushroom beach located near the villages of Jungtbatu .it also features powdery, white sand and clear waters. Most areas around Nusa Lembongan are good for snorkeling and diving, there is abundance in healthy coral and marine. Surfing activities can get a bit tricky, but the water waves are good.



Sanur beach is found in Denpasar village in southeast Bali. The beach is cool and quiet Sanur Beach making it a popular destination for tourist and visitors, which has made the spot the nickname Snore Beach implicating a bit of a misnomer however, as the beach has plenty to watch and do. Apart from the well-kept beach, Sanur has numerous essential historic sites, which includes the Blanjong Temple that contains a column having inscriptions that date back to the 9th century. Sanur beach is located near Le Mayeur Museum, which was once home to Adrian Jean a Belgian impressionist. Le Mayer has many artistic works and features. This travel destination in Bali is quite popular such as Kuta Beach.



PuraLuhur is located in the island referred to as Bukit Peninsula Uluwatu Temple –PuraLuhur a unique feature of the site is a large rocky limestone cliff with a temple balanced on it, nearly like a sight from cliffhanger, which adds to its histrionic grandeur. The island includes Balangan, which has numerous good surfing spots, and Bali’s that has few best beaches. Tourists who go to higher grounds of the temple are able to please with breathtaking view of sunset and the nearby side of the temple. Since 11th Century, the temple has been undergoing expansion by famous safes and balanced on the Indian Ocean at about 70 meters. Uluwatu Temple is one of the travel destinations you must visit.



Nusa Dua is one of the top travel destinations and is a part of the Bukit peninsula found in southern Bali. It has some of the best luxurious and beautiful hotels. The tourist resort is also known for its clean waters and clean white beaches .the waves are gentle along the northern end of the peninsula, superior along the south end. The most suitable form of transportation in Nusa Dua Bali is by a taxi.




Pura Besakih is situated on Gunung Agung, one of the highest mountains in Bali. Pura Besakih is mostly considered as the most significant part of the “kayangan jagat,” the nine directional holy places built to guard the island from any evil. The temple was mainly named after the dragon god; believers say dragon god lives within the depths of the mount Gunung Agung .The temple is comprised of more than 28 structures erected on seven rising terraces. When participating in an organized tour in Bali, the best way to enjoy the site is having, self-designated guides on site who can be insistently be demanding.




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